Devin Allen's 'A Beautiful Ghetto' will get a release event at the Lewis museum

Devin Allen, the local photographer whose iconic images from the Baltimore Uprising spread across the world and landed on the cover of Time magazine, has a new photography book, "A Beautiful Ghetto," coming out this year. A proper release event was just announced at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum on June 17, featuring a panel and book signing.

"A Beautiful Ghetto" will feature images from the uprising as well as black-and-white portraits of Baltimore life. In 2015, Allen exhibited some of this photography in an exhibit at the Lewis Museum, "Awakenings, In a New Light."

As the event page for the book release puts it: "In this collection of stunning photographs, Allen documents the uprising as he strives to capture the life of his city and the people who live there. He shows a world of love, courage, struggle and hope. Each photo reveals the personality, beauty and spirit of Baltimore and its people, as his camera complicates popular ideas about 'the ghetto.'"

During his time in the national spotlight, Allen has worked to get cameras to kids in West Baltimore and teach them about photography. He's also been gracious enough to appear on the cover of one of our Best of Baltimore issues and gab with us about food.

The release event is June 17 at 2 p.m. and is free with museum admission.

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