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'Broad City' highlights track by Normaling, Rye Rye, and TT The Artist

In last night's episode of "Broad City," Ilana meets NBA star Blake Griffin—played by none other than Blake Griffin—and is ready to give the Los Angeles Clippers power forward access to her nature's pocket. But, um, Griffin is carrying too much change, so to speak, so he and Ilana try some other, weirder stuff, like arm licks and what looks like a version of the lift from "Dirty Dancing."

And what should soundtrack this unabashed moment of weird sex and naked dancing?

Normaling would be local club duo .rar Kelly and Lemz. It's perhaps not surprising they would land on a Baltimore song given writer and star Abbi Jacobson's time at MICA.

Kelly posted a clip of the scene on Instagram. Watch it below, and listen to the full song below that.

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