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Benny Boeldt debuts two new songs, release show announced

Back in November we premiered 'Tea,' the first single off local producer Benny Boeldt's forthcoming album, "8 of Cups," due out Jan. 29 on Carpark Records. Boeldt is putting out his first album without the Adventure moniker, and he has started the new year off revealing two new tracks from the album, which gets its name from a tarot card signifying new beginnings.

The hyperactive IDM tendencies seen in 'Tea' also shine through in 'Phone Call,' which you can hear below on a video released on the label's YouTube page on Jan. 6.

Music site Stereogum has the premiere of another single, 'Valley Amnesia,' which starts with watery plinks before moving into a skittish Aphex Twin/Autechre territory with keys in the back. It kinda sounds like someone took the Postal Service, fucked with the levels and beats, and turned it into something more manic and dense. Listen below.

A release show for "8 of Cups" is scheduled for Jan. 29 at Rumba Tropical Lounge Bar and Restaurant (7 E. Lexington St., [410] 347-7597, along with LXV, Network Glass and Mark Brown. Gotta say I didn't even know this place was on the DIY show map, so it should make for an interesting setting.

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