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Animal Collective announces live album 'Live at 9:30'

The Baltimore County-reared avant-pop band Animal Collective today announced a new live album, "Live at 9:30," which comes as a three-LP package with a poster and hand-numbered outer box. And yes, that's "9:30" as in 9:30 Club, the Washington, D.C. rock venue.

Chances are, if you were a local fan of the band back in 2013, you went to attend one of the three sold-out shows from June 10-12 (we reviewed the one on the 11th). This particular recording is from the 12th, and it features "Feels" throwbacks 'The Purple Bottle' and 'Did You See the Words' along with tracks from its breakthrough album, "Merriweather Post Pavilion," and its follow-up, "Centipede Hz."

Oh, and the poster you see pictured on the box above is designed by none other than onetime local artist Shaun Flynn. Listen to the recording of 'Did You See the Words' below.

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