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A monument to Divine is in the works, and here's the design

A group of artists is working to forever memorialize the site where Divine ate dog shit at the end of the seminal John Waters film "Pink Flamingos," and there is now a design for how it will look.

Slated for a wall near the intersection of Read and Tyson streets, the monument resembles the curved marble archway of a Baltimore rowhouse and features a black granite insert with a picture of Divine, the diva persona adopted by Harris Glen Milstead, above a Waters quote that reads "It was a magic day in our happy young lives." Below that is a note that reads: "Divine was directed here by John Waters for the final scene of Pink Flamingos in 1971."

On Friday, Michal Makarovich, one of the eight organizers, told Edward Gunts of the Baltimore Brew that the group will start a Kickstarter campaign at the end of the month to raise the $50,000 to $100,000 needed to complete the project.

"We think Divine would like it," he told Gunts. "Baltimore will have a monument like no other in the world."

But as the Brew notes, the monument is not at the exact spot where the finale was filmed. As you can see in the video linked to above, the dog squats to do its business in a parking lot with a chain-linked fence.

"The engraving and other details will provide a few more specifics for hardcore fans who make a trek to the site and want to be rewarded with some information that makes them an authority on the subject, so they can prove they were there," writes Gunts.

What's pretty amazing, and also kind of cool, is that this idea has appeared before Baltimore's Public Art Commission, according to The Sun, which means the discussion to memorialize the place where a drag queen ate the fecal matter of a dog on camera is a matter of public record.

Not only that, The Sun's Chris Kaltenbach reached out to Howard Libit, a spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and he said, "The mayor thinks that the idea sounds divine, and looks forward to seeing more details on the proposal."

For more details on the proposal, head to divinemonument.com.

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