Watch the excellent video for 'Matinee' by Bond St. District, a collaborative project between DDm and Paul Hutson

Bond St. District is a collaborative project between DDm (here credited as "Unkle Lulu") and beatmaker Paul Hutson and their EP, "Everybody’s So Sleepy," is out today. Certainly, once we've spent some time with it, we'll go more in depth, but on first listen it seems more conventionally hip-hop and less club-oriented and chaotic than DDm's work, and in some ways looks back to DDm when he was Dappa Dan Midas or just plain Midas, nearly a decade ago, but now with years of experience and wisdom. It's more sobering and really highlights how great DDm is at just plain rapping and how heart-on-the-sleeve he can be as an MC, which can be easily forgotten since he's such a club-friendly showman.

The duo also released the music video for 'Matinee' earlier today and it's excellent. Not even like, good for a local video or anything like that, but just a really well-done clip, complete with cameos by local musicians including Chrissy Vasquez, Eze Jackson, Height, and many more, an affecting presentation of Baltimore's variance, and a head-spinning shot that starts with DDM and flies up into the sky to provide a gorgeous view of the whole city, all set to a part-rap, part-electronica drum-machine breakdown from Hutson. Watch the video below and stream "Everybody’s So Sleepy" here.

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