War On Women signs to Bridge 9 Records

Influential punk and hardcore label Bridge 9 Records recently announced they signed Baltimore feminist punk group War on Women and will release their first full-length in early 2015.

We spoke to Shawna Potter, vocalist for War on Women, and Chris Wrenn, owner of Bridge 9, via email about the announcement and what to expect on the album.

Regarding the label's impetus to sign the band, Wrenn wrote: "I heard their debut EP [2012's 'Improvised Weapons'] and liked it, it was fast, interesting, and outspoken. They have a personal agenda that needs to be expressed and they do such a great job getting that message across."

Potter wrote that the people at Bridge 9 are "professional, but they also just love music, which is an important balance that not many labels can afford to strike." The band decided to go with the Boston-based label because, in her words, "they seem excited to help us keep pushing in the direction that we were already going."

The as-yet-untitled record has already been recorded by J. Robbins (of Jawbox and Office of Future Plans) and, according to Potter, it "picks up right where 'Improvised Weapons' left off - we are still not happy with the war on women… the new songs are still fun and fast, but less raw and sound more like a studio record. We have put more thought into rounding out the record sonically and how the music supports the lyrics and the message."

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