Roomrunner announces new EP, "Separate," and releases new single 'Chrono Trigger'

Today, Roomrunner released 'Chrono Trigger,' the first single from its upcoming EP, "Separate." The new track's a particularly poppy burst of the type of noise rock Roomrunner does so well, but it ambitiously nears the five-minute mark, finding plenty of room for guitar crunch and skronk between the catchy hooks. Keep listening closely to try and parse the mumbled lyrics and figure out exactly why this thing's named after a 1995 Super Nintendo role-playing game. Recorded with Baltimore producer and D.C. punk hero J. Robbins last fall, Roomrunner's six-track EP "Separate" is out Oct. 21 on Accidental Guest Records. The same week "Separate" arrives, Roomrunner plays an album-release show at The Metro Gallery on Friday, Oct. 24, with Dope Body, whose latest, "Lifer," also comes out Oct. 21.

Stream 'Chrono Trigger' and see the art for "Separate," which may look a little familiar, below:

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