Only you can save Blowfly's house from the Tax Man and/or transcribe this part of our interview with him

As emotionally scarred as we are after this week's "Q&A," we still follow America's Original Dirty Rapper on our Twitter Machine, where we learned of an Existential Threat to the home of the 'Fly, namely, the Tax Man.

An email communication from Official Blowfly Management stated, "All of this hit the fan Tuesday when I found out about it," to wit, a freshly-minted Indiegogo fundraiser page soliciting help, featuring an appeal from the 'Fly himself:

I am Clarence Reid, Aka Blowfly. I am the godfather of Hip Hop, The Original Dirty Rapper and the Inventor of the Miami Soul Sound. I starred in the movie "The Weird World of Blowfly" I need your help so I can save my house from the Miami-Dade Tax Collector. They have a sale in place that would sell my house for $8699.33 to two banks. That is roughly 1/10 of what my house is worth. If they sell it, I will be homeless on September 4th. I have asked for $11,000 as that will cover the 10% fee to indiegogo and part of the upcoming year's tax and the expenses incurred making and sending out the perks. If we exceed our goal, all additional funds will go into an escrow account and to hire a lawyer so this never happens again.

I will be on tour August 7-18. You can donate in person as well. I love my fans and have dedicated my life to them. Thank you in advance for every penny. God Bless You, Clarence Reid aka Blowfly

So, if you're kicking yourself that you missed Blowfly's recent Baltimore infestation of the Metro Gallery, this is your chance to become part of Blowfly history and score a personalized message for your voicemail (yow, be careful), a t-shirt, the LP version of "Black in the Sack," an autographed Blowfly Mask so you can play your own home version of the Blowfly game (please do not send photos of this), and if you are a high roller, you can bankroll your very own Command Performance (anywhere in the continental U.S.), but at any level, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are helping keep rain off the head of the man who gave us "Burning Pussy," a.k.a. Clarence Reid, co-writer of a some outstanding mainstream R&B gold while pursuing his life's other mission as The World's Nastiest Song Parodist.

[Ed note: As an added bonus, here is part of the transcript from the aforementioned "Q&A" that the writer was unable to transcribe. Take your best crack at it in the comments.]

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