Matmos release a new track 'Weed World' and an old new track, 'Father Forgive Them (VIP)'

This morning over at the website AdHoc, Matmos released a new track to promote the upcoming Fields Festival, scheduled for next weekend in Darlington, Maryland. The track, 'Weed World,' is a playful, nine-minute slow-builder full of electro wood nymph atmospherics and proggy synth flutes that slows down to a dead stop a few times, devolving into Renaissance fair noise (think: the end of King Crimson's 'Moonchild'), and then morphs into mutated motorik-like percussion. It feels totally fitting for the dark hippie vibes that Fields Fest seems intent to facilitate. RIYL: Edgar Froese's "Epsilon In Malaysian Pale," the murky swampy Giorgio Moroder stuff from "The NeverEnding Story" soundtrack, and um, weed.

And yesterday, Drew Daniel uploaded a lost Matmos track, 'Father Forgive Them (VIP),' full of crazed, jazzy, ravey production that's actually come back into vogue as of late, to the group's Soundcloud, with this note: "We found this rough and raw mixdown of an unreleased Matmos track on a cassette labeled 'Latex Birds' that dates from somewhere around the '95 to '97 era. Heavy use of the Roland W-30 sampler. Rave on!"

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