Louisville punk band Coliseum had its van (briefly) stolen while working on a new album in Baltimore

On Monday night, the van of Louisville punk band Coliseum was stolen from outside the Magpie Cage Studio, where they are recording a follow-up to 2013's "Sister Faith," and driven into the side of a parked van "less than half a block away", the band posted on Instagram alongside a photograph of the other van.

J. Robbins, who owns Magpie and produces there, recalls the events in an email: "We came out of the studio around 12:30 or so at the end of an extra-long day, expecting to see the van parked directly in front, and instead were greeted with a pile of broken glass. When Kayhan [Vaziri] (the bass player and owner of the van) called the police, they arrived pretty quickly and told him the van had actually been abandoned and towed from the scene of a collision less than a block away from the studio—it appeared that whoever took the van had driven it into the side of another (parked, empty) van just down the street, and fled the scene."

Luckily for Coliseum, all their gear was in the studio, and the only thing taken from the van was the stereo, according to Robbins. While Coliseum initially hinted at a Kickstarter on Monday night, a follow-up post on Instagram on Tuesday indicates that the band is undecided about going that route: "We are very hesitant to ask for help or donations. We appreciate the good will but also realize there are countless other people in need and other difficult situations that may arise for us personally and collectively in the future. If and when we truly need your help, we may ask for it. It's good to know that the positive energy we've sent out also comes back to us."

Robbins states that this is the first time a vehicle has been stolen from outside Magpie Cage. "The studio has a secure garage, and people usually park in there, so it's not really a factor. There is a built-in risk to parking on the street in many parts of this town, as anyone who lives in Baltimore will surely agree—I know literally no one in this town who has escaped having a car window smashed in at some point for the sake of whatever some desperate person could grab out of the front seat—but this is a first for sure."

According to Robbins, the band is continuing with the recording. "They are barely breaking their stride. We took a few hours off [Tuesday] to get down to the tow lot so Kayhan could begin to deal with the next steps, insurance, etc. There's no denying that something like this can kind of put you into shock, but they have regrouped really quickly and are just getting on with the logistics."

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