Listen to James Nasty and DJ Dizzy's butt music EP, 'Bmore Bounce'

Just when you think Baltimore club's ability to grab onto viral pop-culture detritus has hit a wall, some new fresh-faced producer comes along and re-energizes the formula. These days, it's DJ Dizzy, a young producer best known for his Bmore club take on the "POP hold it down" meme (as well as an artful remix of Lor Scoota's 'Bird Flu' and an absurd track in which he takes Bmore club to the theme song of '90s-baby Nickelodeon show "Rugrats"). On "Bmore Bounce," a new EP out today (it premiered over at Do Androids Dance), Dizzy teams up with James Nasty for a track that incorporates elements of Monsta wit da Fade's 'Hut Hut,' a New Orleans bounce song from last year that you may remember if you scour the proper corners of the internet, where it was known as the "football twerk" song. In a sense, this is Dizzy and Nasty playfully keeping the "twerk"-mania going past its expiration date, but like the best club music, it's also giving listeners a little bit of a history lesson whether they realize it or not (like club, bounce is regional working class, queer-friendly party music gone global), with each track scooping up a New Orleans bounce track and doing Bmore club-like things to it. Alongside the collaborative track 'Booty Go Hut' is a solo production from Nasty ('I Heard,' which samples Nicky Da B's 'Go Loko') and Dizzy ('Hands on the Ground').

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