Just a reminder on 3/11 Day that one time in 2005 311 and Scott Stapp brawled in Baltimore

It sounds more like something generated by some music-savvy meme machine than real life, hitting all kind of sweet spots for LULZ, but never forget that on Thanksgiving Day in 2005, Creed's Scott Stapp really, totally did wander into the bar of the Harbor Court Hotel and get in a fight with members of 311—DJ/vocalist SA Martinez, bassist P-Nut, and drummer Chad Sexton, who were watching a Lakers game.

Clearly drunk, Stapp walked in and started doing shots and breaking the glass on the bar. Martinez and his wife moved away, but Stapp clearly wanted their attention, lobbing a balled up napkin in their direction and hurling a comment with the word "fuck" in it toward Martinez's wife (the verbose MC behind such couplets as "'Cause we're dope kid change like a chameleon and the/ Channel whenever the wack show 'Real World' is on" didn't speak on the context of how it was used).

Sexton, who shared connections with the former Creed frontman, tried to calm the situation, and Stapp seemed to approach the idea with arms wide open, even telling the weed-rap meets stoner-funk kinda-sorta metal band that they were, according to Martinez, an "inspiration." But then Stapp kirked out or something and punched Sexton and accidentally hit Martinez's wife. So Martinez and P-Nut were all, "Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down" and started throwing punches. Minutes later hotel security intervened and Stapp was kicked out.

Stapp may have created his own prison here, but the incident didn't end with a night in a Baltimore jail.

A few gems from news coverage of the incident:

-A hell of a lede on the MTV story, eat your heart out "Frank Sinatra has a cold.": "When Scott Stapp and members of 311 got together in a Baltimore hotel on Thanksgiving, it wasn’t exactly a cordial holiday celebration."

-Martinez on performing with a busted hand the next day to Rolling Stone: "I'm used to holding the mike in that hand...Thankfully, I can still bust a move."

-A legendary humblebrag in the Rolling Stone story from Stapp when he thanks 311 for not kicking him off-stage years ago: "He was saying, 'You had no idea that you guys being so cool to me would inspire me to start a band, and for me to sell 30 million records, win a Grammy, VMAs, Billboard Awards . . .'"

-311! Chill brahs through and through: "We've preached positivity on every record we've made. We don't have altercations like this ever. And we even wish Scott well," they told Rolling Stone.

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