Howard Street Theatre Incubator approved

The Howard Street Theatre Incubator — a group made up of several local theater companies with the backing of Teddy Rouse — announced today that its bid for the three storefronts at 408-414 Howard St. was approved by the Baltimore Development Corporation. When City Paper first reported on the proposal in May, Evan Moritz, of Annex Theater, one of the groups involved, said if the project was not approved in time to apply for historic tax credits in August, it would be delayed an entire year. 

Today, Moritz said: "BDC approved the project and we are now waiting for a response from the mayor. We plan to go after the historic tax credits immediately." 

In addition to Annex, EMP Collective, Stillpointe Theatre, Acme Corporation, and Psychic Readings are involved in the project. Effervescent Collective, a dance company, is no longer involved since its founder, Lily Kind, plans to leave the city, but Moritz says other Effervescent members are still interested. 

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