Hear TT The Artist & DDm's 'Elevator' (and check out the cover art by Alex Fine)

City Paper

Yesterday, TT The Artist and DDm released their collaborative Mighty Mark-produced single 'Elevator,' packaged with two remixes (from Thunderbird Juicebox and Normaling) and featuring cover art by City Paper contributor Alex Fine. 'Elevator' premiered over at Noisey (see: "TT The Artist and DDM's 'Elevator' Is a Masterclass in Bmore Booty Bass"), who've been super supportive of Baltimore's club-rappers lately even though we're not exactly sure what "Bmore booty bass" is, but hey, we're not exactly sure what to call this thing either, which rattles like spare Detroit Techno or Chicago house as much as it bumps like Bmore club. Indeed, Thunderbird Juicebox's remix turns out to be the most conventionally club thing here (what with gunshots and swirls of vocals stumbling over each other) while Normaling do their club-meets-"Drive" OST thing to the track to hypnotic effect. Great stuff here all around. 'Elevator' is from TT's upcoming EP, "Art Royalty."


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