Hear Horse Lords' sprawling 'Outer East,' the opening track from upcoming album "Hidden Cities"

A new Horse Lords song premiered over at Stereogum yesterday, and it runs nearly 13 minutes long, starting out as a spacey rumble and then suddenly becoming a math-y, Krautrock-y, jazz-y type of thing and then a vaguely Afrobeat-ish skronk fest and for a minute or two a kind of chugging along country-rock-like and then sort of sounding like Ginger Baker's Airforce or King Crimson in '21st Century Schizoid Man' mode and then just doing whatever the fuck it wants from there on out. Shades of Tortoise's seminal 'Djed' in its ability to flirt with as many cool subgenres as it feels like, seamlessly. And there's something actually kind of sunny and fun about it in a way, lacking the played-out menace of way too much "OUT"-music. The band's having fun with experimental music history not just dutifully exploring it, you know? 'Outer East' appears on Horse Lords' new album "Hidden Cities," out November 4 on NNA tapes.

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