Hear exclusive audio of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's rehearsals for 'Chicago,' including a new song, 'When You're Good to Mayor'

No one was more excited than City Paper to hear of Mayor SRB's impending star turn in the revival of the hit musical "Chicago." Such a sexy play! Such a juicy premise! Such Brechtian production values! And Il Mayore is a natural talent in all media. So we wondered not whether she would be brilliant, but how brilliant she would be! And how totally she would steal the show by subtly bending it to Baltimore's (equally Brechtian . . . or is it Dickensian? Poesque??) here and now.

And so The Nose crept backstage to watch the dress rehearsal on Sunday, hoping we'd get a preview from the inky shadows.

Oh, how not-disappointed we were!

We couldn't show ourselves and risk a trespass charge but, using the voice-memo function on our trusty smartphone, we recorded the mayor's whole number. She did it in one take! She was boffo! And so we here present it to you: Mayor Yes Arby's rendition of 'When You're Good to Mayor.' (After 'When You're Good to Mama,' as in this version by Queen Latifah)

Sing along, if you must:


Ask any ol' developer downtown

They'll say I know the way to get around

I love all of them and all of them love me

Because the system works,

The system called—democracy.


Got a little motto

Always sees me through

When you're good to mayor

Mayor’s good to you


There's a lot of favors

I’m prepared to do

You do one for mayor

She'll do two for you!


You want a little spot on Pratt

Well that's the way I live

So I deserve a lot of that

For what I got to give!


Don't you know this tax break

Goes to that one too?

When you're good to mayor

Governor's good to you


You don't want no audits?

I don't want 'em too!

Water it down for mayor

She'll not forget you!


When they pass that basket

Folk contribute to

You put in for mayor

She'll put out for you


The folks atop the ladder

Are the ones the world adores

So boost me up my ladder, kid

And I'll boost you up yours!


Delta Sigma Theta

Friends and family too

Savin' up for later

This won't ever do


So what's the one conclusion

I can bring this number to?

When you're good to mayor

Mayor’s good to you.

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