Hear Abdu Ali and Schwarz's "Already" EP and go see them at the Crown tomorrow night

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Abdu Ali and Schwarz just released the "Already" EP over at FACT Mag to promote their upcoming Motivation Tour with New Jersey producer/DJ Kilbourne. Although Schwarz has helmed the majority of Abdu's previous three projects ("INVICTOS," "Push + Slay," and "Infinity Epiphanies"), this is the first project entirely produced by Schwarz, and it seems like there's a bit more give-and-take going on between the two of them. These four tracks move away from Abdu's ear for noisy club toward something a bit more subdued. Abdu often seems like he's taking his lead from the beat, rather than dominating the beat, and answering the production in real time; it feels more like what he does in a live setting. The highlight is 'I, Exist,' featuring Abdu singing and a beautiful Aphex Twin-like melody from Schwarz on the beat; it is uncharacteristically fragile and pleasant.

"Already" is fleshed out by remixes from buzzing Bmore clubber DJ Dizzy, Kilbourne, and Blaqstarr. Pay special attention to Blaqstarr's remix of 'I, Exist.' It begins with a sample of proto-club track 'The Bouncer' from British ravers Kicks Like a Mule (a nice history lesson for all you young club kids) and then it pretty much becomes a stoned and alone Blaq track, with bugged-out sing-rapping and Abdu's original vocals murmuring in the background. You can download Abdu Ali and Schwarz's "Already" EP over at Abdu's Soundcloud (or stream it below) and make sure to check out Abdu, Schwarz, Kilbourne, and more at The Crown tomorrow night.

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