Dan Deacon's new album has a name, release date, and single. Watch the video for 'Feel the Lightning'

On Monday, local electronic music maestro Dan Deacon released a teaser video for his new album, due out in February. We now have some more details on said album, including the title, "Gliss Riffer," and the day in February on which it will be released, the 24th.

More important, we have a new, warmly fuzzy, vocal-heavy lead single, 'Feel the Lightning.' Stream the video—complete with armchairs having sex, lots of brightly colored shapes, and interpretive dance—below.

Track list:

1. Feel the Lightning
2. Sheathed Wings
3. When I Was Done Dying
4. Meme Generator
5. Mind On Fire
6. Learning to Relax
7. Take it to the Max
8. Steely Blues

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