Chiffon releases a futuristic R&B jam, 'Venerable,' just in time for Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day, there's a new track from Chiffon, the kitchen-sink R&B duo of Amy Reid and Chase O'Hara. 'Venerable' pushes the genre-jumping sophistication of last year's "Marble EP" even further, nodding to ambient music, global bass, club music, '80s pop, and crunk, just to name a few of the sounds we hear crammed inside this fascinating slow jam. The group itself fitted it with the hashtag "#futurism" and we won't argue with that. According to Impose Magazine, Chiffon has plans to release a new record later this year. Chiffon is DJing at the Crown a venue TBD on Saturday as part of Llamadon's Lucid Cupid party, which also features 3LON, Blacksage, Blaqstarr, and Jacob Marley.

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