Check out the selfie-tastic video for The Sneaks' latest song, 'D.A.M.B.'

Pardon our post-holidays malaise, for we are only just now getting around to telling you about the new video for 'D.A.M.B.,' or Don't Ask Me 'Bout, the latest song from electronic rockers The Sneaks.

The video for the bubbly track features five- to 10-second video selfies—including some familiar faces, such as DDm, Sam Herring, and Dan Deacon, to name a few—of people brushing their teeth, making faces, posing with objects, and the like. It's a pretty great little DIY affair. (Full discloure: Singer Jay Lawson asked us to send one, but we slacked on that part too. Apologies.)

'D.A.M.B.' is the first single off the forthcoming EP "Don't Insult The Witch," due out, according to the group's Facebook page, "sooner than you think."

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