Dan Deacon, Matmos, and the Rest of Baltimore Music and Arts Community Play August's Fields Festival

Holy cow, have you seen the lineup for Fields Festival going on in Darlington the weekend of August 22-24? This three-day event features damn near every out music-maker that matters in the city: Dan Deacon, Matmos, Flock of Dimes, Horse Lords, Nautical Almanac, Zomes, Microkingdom, DJ Dog Dick, Abdu Ali, Chiffon, Ghost Life, Lizz King, Vlonde, Mole Suit Choir, Miconids, Sick Din, and fifty or so other acts. Along with all of those, there are plenty of filmmakers, artists, and dancers and more, and a quick scan of Field Festival's website also mentions yoga instruction, plays, comedy, and more. We imagine it will be something like picking up almost the entire Baltimore music and arts community and dropping them in the woods for a weekend retreat. Tickets go on sale June 19. The first 50 tickets will cost just 50 bucks, and then after that, the still totally reasonable advance ticket price is $65. Tickets at the gate go for $85. You can also rent a bed in a shared cabin for $20 for the weekend, rent a whole cabin, or camp out, either in your car or under the stars, which actually seems like the ideal way to engage in this oh-so-Baltimore facilitation of hippie-dippie hanging out as soundtracked by the menacing though still posivibes of our mind-bogglingly fruitful experimental music.

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