It's Batman Day. Here's how local comic book stores are celebrating.

Holy Birthday Batman! The Caped Crusader turns 75 today, first appearing in Detective Comics #27 in a story called "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate." Since then, the septuagenarian whose parents were gunned down in "Crime Alley," has had quite a ride throughout the media-verse with one TV show, numerous cartoons, almost 900 issues of comics, some with questionable fashion sense; and seven modern movies (he was the subject of several "serials" in the '30s and '40s.) 

So how to celebrate this brooding hero's Bday? A few of Baltimore's local comic book shops are featuring some sweet Batswag and deals on Batman-related stuff.

Here's a quick rundown. Note, it would take two pages to list all the goodies, so City Paper has picked the choice swag to highlight. Click on the shops' links for the full rundown.

Collectors Corner

A free special edition of Detective Comics #27  featuring a re-imagining of Batman’s 1939 comic book debut, designed by Chip Kidd with a script by bestselling author Brad Meltzer.
Batman 75th Anniversary cape with purchase. 

Atomic Books: 

20 percent off all Bat-merch and several freebie issues with purchase. 

Cosmic Comix and Toys

Free edition of Detective Comics #27, four different Batman masks, and copies of Grayson #1, Robin Rises Omega #1, and numerous of the Batman 75 variant covers.

Amazing Spiral Comics

20 percent off all Batman graphic novels and acton figures.
Free Detective #27. 

Alliance Comics

Limited edition bat "mobiles" from the 1989 film. 

Geppi's Entertainment Museum

You get to see the original Detective #27 in all it's sealed in a glass case glory. The museum also features a ton of bat-paraphernalia on display. 


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