A389 Recordings launches 54-track free mixtape

To mark their showcase at this weekend's This Is Hardcore fest in Philly, Baltimore's own A389 Records is releasing a massive online mixtape featuring some of the area's best bands (Full of Hell, Noisem, Old Lines, Ilsa, Putrisect, and more) alongside heavy-hitter artists from all over. It even features artwork from Baltimore's very own Pizza Party Printing.

A389 founder Dom Romeo says releasing the mixtape (which, like most of the label's output, is free to stream) "gives me a chance to turn listeners on to music I think is awesome whether it's current/upcoming A389 stuff, new/unsigned bands, or bands that have records out on other labels… much like the mixtapes my friends used to make for me when I was growing up, I hope this has the same effect on anyone who listens."

Find the mixtape here. Full tracklist below:

Napalm Christ 'Idols of Evil'
100 Demons 'Ne Desit Virtus'
Homewrecker 'Born to Suffer'
Blind to Faith 'Burial of Mankind'
Ilsa '25 Cromwell'
Moloken 'Subliminal Hymns'
Seven Sisters of Sleep 'The Flock'
Bloodlet 'Something Wicked'
Genocide Pact 'Menial Subsistence'
Hexis 'Tenebris'
Ringworm 'King of Blood'
Occultist 'Death Siglis'
Sick/Tired 'Absolute Hell'
Haymaker 'Ten Bucks Worth of Rope'
Iron Reagan 'Spoiled Identity'
Left for Dead 'Devil's Punchbowl'
Full of Hell 'Indigence and Guilt'
Noisem 'Defiled'
Like Rats 'Dusk'
Bevar Sea 'Abishtu'
Fister 'Antitheist'
Chapel 'Hell Breaks Loose'
Arax 'Straight Flush'
Countress 'Spirits'
Empire of Rats 'Bottomless Pit'
Integrity 'There Is a Sign'
Nothing 'In Metal'
Pharaoh 'Degenerator'
Deathrite 'Infernal Void'
Despise You 'Culpa Mia'
The Black Dahlia Murder 'Rebel Without a Car'
Old Lines 'Stratford'
Coffins 'Purgatorial Madness'
Sex Prisoner 'State Property'
Coke Bust 'Iron Spiral'
No One Survives 'War of My Own'
Primitive Man 'Unable'
Hive Bent 'The Observer'
The Bellicose Minds 'Hammer of Ice'
The Love Below 'Fuck You Up and Get High'
Putrisect 'Better to Burn'
Unholy Majesty 'Compliance'
Castle Freak 'Sickening Corpses'
Shin to Shin 'Extinction'
Weekend Nachos 'That Life of Yours'
Withdrawal 'Dream Catcher'
Manpig 'Center of My Storm'
Pick Your Side 'Not a Thought to Spare'
Territory 'Blowback'
Of Feather and Bone 'Deprivation'
God's America 'Keep Waiting'
Ampallang Infection 'Demolition of Man'
Enforcers 'Unto Dust'
Junior Bruce 'The Ocean's Daughter'

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