What is one actually paying for at Le Diner en Blanc?

Le Diner en Blanc, an exclusive pop-up picnic in which all attendees dress in white, is coming to Baltimore this summer, The Sun reported last week.

A date will be announced in the coming weeks, but as with all Le Diner en Blancs held across the world, the actual location of the outdoor meal will not be announced until the day of. Quelle surprise!

Here's an interesting thing to note about the picnic: It is just like any other picnic, in that you have to bring the food, tables, chairs, linens, and so forth yourself.

But registration to this 'sclusie soiree is tiered, so as to ward off the undesirables. From The Sun story: "In the first phase, Diner en Blanc members—those who have attended previous Diner en Blanc events—and guests invited by the hosts are able to purchase tickets. Friends who are 'sponsored' by those in phase one can register during phase two. And people on the wait list can sign up during phase three on a first come, first served basis." The first point of access is to know somebody. Go figure.

Also, it kinda sounds like something that already exists here. But try watching these videos from two past Le Diner en Blancs without getting queasy from the overwhelming bougieness. 

It's not really clear what Le Diner en Blanc will cost, but Washington City Paper reported the 2015 edition in our nation's capital cost $37 "(plus an $8 'membership' fee)." Plus all the money spent on your own meal and such, naturally.

Where do these fees actually go? According to a FAQ page on Le Diner en Blanc's site, they cover "the inherent costs of training, support and technological services to all the organizers around the world, to enable them to organize their own event, as offered by Diner en Blanc International."

But let's be real here. People are shelling out over $40 for a picnic in a public place, something every citizen can do on any given day for absolutely free—only difference being not everyone looks like Alex and his droogs in "A Clockwork Orange"—for the exclusivity, to be seen. It's more like a pop-up country club taking over a space that, by design, belongs to everyone. It is "Snowpiercer": The Dinner.

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