The Old Bay Filet-O-Fish is back!

Local McDonald's restaurants are bringing back the Old Bay Filet-O-Fish, the locally inspired take on the fast food chain's fish sandwich that includes tartar sauce with the Baltimore region's seasoning of choice.

Expect to find it in restaurants starting Feb. 2.

Area McDonald's sold more than a million sandwiches during the initial limited-time run last year.

As you might recall, Henry Hong gave a rave review of the sandwich upon its arrival.

"The sauce is actually pretty damn good, with most of your Old Bay bullet points—pepper, celery seed, hard spice—coming through loud and clear," he wrote. "It also seems a touch more tart than normal and, not surprisingly, applied far less liberally than usual. Improvement upon perfection, what a world we live in, eh folks?"

The press release points out that many of the great McDonald's menu items, from the Big Mac to the Egg McMuffin, started at local franchises.

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