Hangover Helper: A DIY breakfast sandwich at Lexington Market

Lexington Market has numerous all-day breakfast options and a million and a half choices for lunch on a Saturday. But there's nothing that could properly be considered brunch... unless you do it yourself.

That's exactly what I decided to do this last week: take all my favorite places from the market and mix it together.

So you start with a large coffee from Konstant's ($1.60). It is not only my favorite coffee in the market, but in the city. It's not fancy, but it is good and strong and cheap.

Then you walk over and get a Deluxe sandwich ($1.65) at Omelet King (I am laying off meat until Thanksgiving, so I had them hold the bacon). It is on toasted white bread with two eggs and cheese. While they're making your sandwich, they also cut giant mounds of potatoes with a metal spatula, making a delicious mash of hash browns. I'd recommend them if you want more starch with your brunch.

Then make your way to Faidley's for an all lump crab cake ($18). Don't worry about the sides. Then head up upstairs to one of the tables looking down over the band playing in the arcade section of the market. It's worth it to get a good seat and watch the people dancing. It's likely that the arcade—the most public and social part of the market—will be a casualty of the $26.7 million renovations proposed for the the market. It is truly a glory.

Once you get a good seat, take the top off of your sandwich and put the crab cake on it. Holy shit: the action alone shows how huge those crab cakes are (it takes the lump from 40 crabs for each cake, according to Nancy Faidley Devine, who makes all the cakes and whose grandfather founded the fish market over 100 years ago). When you put the top bread back on, the whole thing is like the Death Star of breakfast sandwiches.

There is something spectacular about the egg and cheese that doesn't subtract from the crab—which was my fear—but adds to it, the way that the butteriness of the eggs makes the crab flavor really pop.

The one thing that would make the whole thing much better is a bloody mary. But just sip on your steaming hot coffee while you eat the sandwich. Then, when you're done, walk downstairs, dance across the floor and by a pint of Boh at the Italian Stallion pizza joint ($3) and either reclaim your seat upstairs, or join the celebration on the ground. After the brunch you just had, you've got good cause to celebrate.

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