Fells Point seafood restaurant implores customers to 'come riot with us,' apologizes

In an email to customers sent out through Open Table, Fells Point seafood restaurant Riptide By the Bay encouraged diners to "Come Riot With Us!"

The message reads in full: "Come Riot With Us! Come out to Riptide and support your local business! Show this e-mail and receive 20% off your entire meal. We are celebrating our new summer menu along with great drink specials and Happy Hours deals!"

A woman who answered the phone at the restaurant and identified herself as a manager said she did not have a comment on the word choice. She then placed us on hold to confer with the restaurant's owner. The manager said the owner informed her an apology email is forthcoming.

Moments later, a Facebook post appeared on Riptide By the Bay's Facebook page. It reads: "Riptide by the Bay would like to apologize to anyone that we may have offended in a recent promotion we sent out trying to draw in business. We were attempting to make light of a very heavyhearted situation that has drastically affected our business and livelihood. We also wanted to remind our customers that we have remained open and will continue to be during this trying time. For those of you familiar with Riptide and the crew that works here, you know that we are a bunch of quirky individuals and we try not to take life so seriously. In being so eccentric we ruffled a few feathers and for that we are truly sorry. Please continue to support your local businesses and Riptide by the Bay."

The post also had a picture with a baby putting one of its feet in its mouth.

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