Dan Deacon creating four flavors for the Charmery, possibly serving them

Fresh off the Baltimore music love fest that was Windjammer, local electronic musician Dan Deacon is collaborating with the Charmery's master creamer, David Alima, to create four new ice cream flavors based on the theme "Road Food."

The names of three flavors have been revealed so far, and they are Drunken Blueberry, Dan's Ultimate Peanut Butter, and Throat Coat Tea. Customers can try all four flavors during a special tasting at the ice cream shop on Sept. 9 from 7-9 p.m. Deacon is going to be on hand to DJ a special mix for your aural enjoyment, meaning you'll be sating your senses of taste AND sound.

Facebook event page for the tasting says Deacon will even be scooping ice cream, but under a post by City Paper photographer Josh Sisk, the musician says, "The guest scooping is news to me." Guess we'll have to see*. The ice cream sounds good though.

*This post has been clarified to reflect that Deacon is planning on being in attendance.

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