Lemon OG Kush, good starter weed for the teen in your life who sees through D.A.R.E.

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With City Paper's annual weed issue around the corner, City Paper weed critics Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg will be reviewing one weed product a day.

In an ideal world, or at least one where weed is straight-up, full-stop legal and Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III's little old man body is flayed like an animal carcass at a Watain concert, you would hand Lemon OG Kush out to every teen who sees through D.A.R.E and has got to thinking about getting stoned.

A hybrid of Lemon Skunk and OG Kush, Lemon OG Kush proffers a high that begins where a night of drinking ends, with the imbiber heavy-lidded, a little bit sleepy, and fairly melancholy which, mind you, is a great way to spend the night stoned and alone at home or with friends, whether you're a pot veteran or n00b. Basically, its high escalates quickly and then slinks away gently over a few hours, leaving a kind of ambient buzz that may rollover into the next morning. There is a fragment from Jean Cocteau's book "Opium," both profound but also pretty stoopid, that I kept thinking about while this well-loved entry level strain fogged my noggin: "The body thinks, the body dreams, the body becomes soft and flaky, the body flies. The smoker embalmed alive."

Strength: 7

Nose: Like you sprayed some stepped-on weed with Lysol

Euphoria: 8

Existential Dread: 3

Freaking Out When Crazy Person Approaches You: 6

Drink Pairing: Stone IPA

Music Pairing: Thundercat, "Drunk"

Rating: 7

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