Club Charles is back

The iconic Club Charles reopened for business last night after closing in late July for renovations. 

Fortunately, as the many reopening night posts on social media show, the bar's red walls, neon lights, and Art Deco touches all remain intact.

"It looked the same, there was a lot of speculation of why it closed (I doubt we will ever get the real story), but everyone seemed very glad and excited that it was reopened, and it was nice to walk by and see the sign lit up and that side of the street lively again!" said Amelia Rambissoon, interim executive director of the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Erstwhile City Paper food writer Ryan Detter likened the mood to a reunion, with many familiar faces returning to see for themselves that the beloved dive was back. As City Paper reported in July, there were doubts owner Joy Martin would open back up at all.

"Once everyone got over the 'OK, it's here,'" said Detter, "everything got back to normal: drinking shitty beers and ordering cocktails."

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