Chef Bernard Dehaene plans more modifications for Corner Charcuterie Bar following name change

After changing the name of Corner BYOB to Corner Restaurant and Charcuterie Bar several months ago, chef and owner Bernard Dehaene says he is planning additional adjustments for his eatery (850 W. 36th St., [443] 869-5075,, including a new menu focusing on small plates and renovations to the space.

Previously, the building on 36th Street housed two conjoined but separate restaurants, Corner BYOB in the front and Other Corner Charcuterie Bar in the back. Other Corner had a liquor license for both, but patrons were still allowed to bring their own beverages to the front room.

Now, Dehaene says he is planning on closing for a week or two at the end of this month to expand the bar, tinker with the layout, and consolidate his offerings from two separate menus to one. While the food will still focus on the strong European flavors that made Corner BYOB a critical smash—Dehane was born in Belgium—the menu will shift from multiple courses to smaller plates (you won't be able to BYO, either).

Citing incoming competition and a younger clientele in Hampden that would prefer to hop from place to place rather than sit for a long meal, Dehaene says the refined concept will bring something new to the neighorhood, which he sees as becoming more like Adams Morgan in Washington, D.C.

"That's what I see the trend as," he says. "Why not set the trend?"

Looking further into the future, Dehane says he is talking with his landlord about turning the apartments above the restaurant into a roof deck with a separate kitchen, big glass windows, and solar panels on the roof, something he hopes to achieve in the next one to two years.

In the meantime, diners can expect the newly renovated restaurant to open in early June.

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