Brooklyn bakery Robicelli's is moving to Baltimore--here's why

There's been some hand-wringing in the New York food scene since the owners of beloved Brooklyn bakery Robicelli's announced they would be moving their store here, to Baltimore.

In an interview with Gothamist published this afternoon, Allison Robicelli offered some insight into why: Basically, everything about running a small business in New York sucks. That includes the cost of rent, the city collecting lots of money through permits and fines, power company Con Edison, paying employees enough to live, working 70-hour weeks—everything.

"New York now is a city of no. You have this great idea? No, you can't do it. You want to try this out? No," she told the blog. "You go to Baltimore and it's a city of, 'Well why the fuck not? Let's try this!' They really, really love their city and it's exciting. It's that energy I felt when I was growing up in New York."

It's still not clear when or where Robicelli's will be setting up shop in town. Robicelli said in an earlier interview with Eater: "A developer in Baltimore has made us an offer to come down there, set up shop in buildings he owns, and make some jobs. We'll be working with partners down there who have operations experience, so we won't be running everything." The story also said the Robicellis are shooting for fall 2016, which means you have to wait a full year for Nutellasagna.

Given the apparent connection with Paulie Gee's and this quote—"Meanwhile, when I went to Baltimore, I found countless art spaces, independent booksellers, record stores, comic book shops, music venues . . . there is a whole fucking neighborhood that smells like incense! It's exactly like the Village was in the '90s"—we're betting the farm on Hampden.

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