All-day breakfast starts at McDonald's today--turns out Baltimore is a McMuffin kind of town

Today marks the first day patrons can get breakfast at McDonald's all throughout the day. Hooray! But only certain menu items will be available depending on market preference. Baltimore, it turns out, is distinctly a muffin town.

"Our Baltimore customers love our McMuffins so the Baltimore market has launched All Day Breakfast by serving some customer favorites relevant to this market," Steven Hunter, McDonald's communications director in the Baltimore-Washington region, writes in an email.

In addition to McMuffins, customers can get Hotcake platters, sausage burritos, fruit n' yogurt parfaits, and fruit and maple oatmeal. Sorry, biscuit folks, you're out of luck, but the menu could eventually change "as customer feedback is received," writes Hunter.

As for the alarming report in BuzzFeed that certain markets won't get hash browns, don't worry y'all: Jasmine Palmer of the PR firm Golin, who sent a press release about All Day Breakfast, confirms they will be "available in the Baltimore markets at select restaurants."

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