Abbey Burger Bistro to open an additional location in Fells Point

Abbey Burger Bistro (1041 Marshall St., [443] 453-9698,, the winner of City Paper's 2013 Burger Bracket, is adding a new location in Fells Point, located at 811 S. Broadway, where the lounge Willow used to be. (Disclosure: Baltimore Beer Baron columnist and erstwhile Liquor Board Chair Steve Fogleman is filing the liquor license application for the restaurant tomorrow.)

Co-owner Russ Miller said that he and Marigot Miller have been thinking about opening a third Abbey Burger location (the second is in Ocean City) for a while. "We've been waiting for the right time and the right place."

"We really like Fells Point because we like the character and the charm it has, it's very like Federal Hill in many ways," he said. "We figured an Abbey Burger would complement that side of town."

They plan on having nearly the exact same menu at the Fells Point location as there is at the Federal Hill one, and will most likely also be sports themed, with the usual soccer matches that the Federal Hill restaurant plays, as well as Orioles and Ravens games, "obviously," he said. He hopes that the new location will have around 150 seats, about the same as Federal Hill. 

It's too early to give an opening date—"We'd like to go in and make some changes, we have to build some things and change some things," Miller said—but they're hoping to be open in time for the Fells Point Fun Festival, Oct. 2-4.

"It's gonna be pretty much the same type of establishment, and we're really excited to get into Fells," Miller said.

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