A giant restaurant incubator is coming to Remington

Seawall Development, holders of large swaths of commercial property in Remington, are going to turn an old auto-repair shop into R. House, an incubator where chefs can test out new concepts and ideas, from the menus on down to the seating, according to a press release.

The 50,000-square food space, which is being developed for a price tag of $12 million, will have 10 spots for chefs with plug-and-play kitchens and a rotating kitchen for pop-ups. The project will also feature a yoga studio and office space.

"R. House will stretch people's ideas of how dining and living can be experienced. It redefines the traditional concept of food hall," Peter DiPrinzio, general manager of R. House, said in the release. "We listened to all of the chefs who wanted to come into Remington but who were getting stuck on the high start-up costs and operating challenges of opening a restaurant."

Though no chefs have been named yet, the space is said to be "oversubscribed." Even so, applications are still being taken if you're looking to test out your dream restaurant.

R. House is scheduled to open in Fall 2016.

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