Tribeca Coffee Roasters changes owners, will reopen as Almack's

Tribeca Coffee, the quaint Mount Vernon caffeine house that opened back in March 2013, is under new ownership and will soon change its name to Almack's. The shop is now owned by John Kernan* and managed by longtime Tribeca employee Timothy Anderson, and the two have plans to not only increase the food menu, but also give the interior a proper face-lift.

We talked with Anderson, who right off the bat assured us that nothing would change with the current coffee program, with plans only to expand on what was already offered at Tribeca—good news, since it may be one of the most underrated, delicious cups in the city.

"The focus is still on the coffee," Anderson explained, "but while we love it here, we really wanted our space and décor to live up to the amount of care and detail we put into the coffee."

Anderson says that the initial plan is to change the lighting to make it "a bit more romantic, if I can use that word," extend the coffee bar to add seats to the far west end, upgrade the seating area, and eventually offer outdoor seating (always a plus in our book)—something he says will be a work in progress for the next month or two. He explains that the space was always a bit too minimal and they want to give it more life to match the name Almack's, a reference to a popular London social club in the 1800s known for its fashionable looks and being one of the first to allow both men and women.

Asked about any upgrades to the food menu, which was previously limited to biscotti and pastries, Anderson tells us that, while they don't intend to become a full restaurant, they will be adding a number of sandwiches and salads to give people more grub options as they hang out. They're currently previewing two sandwiches: one with turkey, dill havarti, pickled onions, arugula, and mayo, called the Prince Regent, and a vegetarian option with gala apples, clover honey, arugula, and goat cheese, called the Brummell. Kernan says there are also plans for a Sunday brunch menu, but they're still working out the details of when that will be unveiled.

One intriguing tidbit Kernan laid on us was that they've been experimenting with coffee mocktails and will be unveiling four or five in the coming weeks. The drinks use cold brewed coffee or espresso as the base, with various syrups, orange peels, bitters, and crushed or sphered ice to create coffee concoctions that closer resemble something you might see at a cocktail bar like Rye, albeit without the alcohol.

*Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated the new owner's name as John Kern. It is John Kernan.

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