New speakeasy-style bar, 2300, to open above Myth and Moonshine this Saturday

2300 (, a new speakeasy-style bar promising classic cocktails and "French Bordeaux/low country fare," will open this Saturday in the space above Myth and Moonshine at 2300 Boston St. "Myth and Moonshine was obviously two floors and I’ve run it that way for two years," owner Shanna Cooper says, "but I've been discussing the idea of opening somewhere else and coming up with a new concept, but I decided to come up with a new concept and test it out on the second floor."

The bars share a building, but the menus and decor are entirely separate—while the moonshine bar offers up crab cakes and cobb salads as entrees, 2300's menu, which was put together by chef John Navarria, will have "a little bit of the French Creole," Cooper says, with "a lot of pâtés." Drinks will include bourbon, scotch, and handcrafted cocktails—"we're focusing on that quality and that craftmanship," she says.

The decor is 1920s themed, an "ode to the speakeasies and barbershops back in the day," according to Cooper, with an open kitchen: "The kitchen is actually sharing the space with the bar, so you can watch the bartender make your drinks, but you can watch the chef make your food." The kitchen will be open until 1:45 a.m. Cooper hopes to start serving brunch by the end of the month.

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