Idle Hour kicks off an Indiegogo campaign to reopen its doors

The owners of Idle Hour, the popular Riverside corner bar closed since January because of structural issues, need $40,000 to fix a buckling wall to reopen, and they've launched an Indiegogo campaign for donations. Actually, they will match the 40,000 big ones with 40 grand of their own, so they really need 80K, which they say will go toward building temporary walls, taking out the compromised wall, and erecting a new foundation and wall.

Aside from the warm, fuzzy feeling you'll have from helping a classic Baltimore watering hole, there are rewards for certain levels of giving, including mixed CDs, artist prints, creating your own signature cocktail, and joining the newly introduced The Idle Hour Chartreuse Bottle Club. And for 5,000 simoleons, you can have the Idle Hour's famous sticker-covered front door.

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