Get a taste of wheat whiskeys Wednesday night at Johnny's Restaurant

For those of you that don't venture up to Roland Park often, it may be news that Johnny's Restaurant holds a monthly Whiskey Wednesday, and this month's is a doozy, featuring the rare world of wheat whiskeys.

A whiskey can only be labeled wheat if it contains 51 percent of the grain in its recipe (as opposed to wheated, which only uses wheat as a minor component). Pappy Van Winkle, what's widely regarded as the best bourbon in the world—people happily buy bottles at anywhere from $600-$900 on the resale market—is well known for using wheat additions instead of the more typical rye to help soften things and make its bourbon smoother with age.

Starting at 8 p.m. on Nov. 19, Johnny's will highlight four wheat whiskeys that take the Pappy approach to the max. For $25, you'll get half-ounce tastings of Parker's Heritage Collection Kentucky Straight Wheat, Dry Fly Washington Wheat (a rare 100-percent wheat whiskey from Washington), Bernheim Kentucky Straight Wheat ("the original wheat whiskey"), and W.L. Weller Special Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon—the last isn't a true 51-percent wheat whiskey but comes from Buffalo Trace, distiller of the infamous Pappy.

To help soften the edge, chef Kiko Wilson will serve two snacks with the tasting. If you can't make the wheat event, fear not: There will be another Whiskey Wednesday on Dec. 17 featuring Baltimore's favorite style, rye.

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