Clementine takes diners around the globe with its new Twirl Around The World Tuesdays special

We usually don't write about weekly specials—there are plenty of good ones around the city—but it recently caught our eye that the Hamilton restaurant Clementine has supplanted its popular Taco Tuesdays and started leading diners on a food world tour every Tuesday night.

Dubbed "Twirl Around The World Tuesdays," the weekly supper visits a certain region or country from around the globe for three to four weeks to explore the drinks and eats of that area before moving onto the next stop. During October, diners toured eastern Europe, where they were served up Slovakian, Hungarian, and Croatian (to name a few) specialties such as holupkis (or golumkis, or any of the 10 other ways to say it), bigos (a crazy-good hunter's stew), and potato pancakes, along with beers and cocktails from the region.

Unfortunately, eastern Europe's last night was this week, but owner Winston Blick has told us via email there's much more coming down the pike for food fans to look forward to. Starting next Tuesday, and continuing for a couple weeks, chef Bill Businzki (formerly of Mr. Rain's Fun House) will be cooking up a traditional Filipino menu, followed by Persian and and Peruvian cuisine.

Blick explains that instead of going month-to-month, as they did in October, they plan on keeping a shorter and looser schedule moving forward to allow for more exploration. "Basically we want to allow ourselves enough time to do research and sourcing for authenticity and on to the next cuisine. We will eventually incorporate cuisines of places and times. As in mid-1800s British. Really the sky's the limit as long as we can do it as authentic as possible."

Be sure to check the online menu for each week's focus.

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