Angelo's Pizza has been replaced by an impostor

Here in The City With Extra Cheese not everyone has to agree on their fave pizzeria, but the majority of the pizza-conscious public, including City Paper, shed a salty tear when Hampden’s legendary Angelo's closed its doors, evicted/locked out, apparently due to being arrears in its rent. We've noticed the space being partially rehabbed and when it seemed a lot of the restaurant fixtures were not being moved, we figured a new pizza place would appear, and the other day we spotted this confirming sign, albeit a shitty, grammatically incorrect one (pictured above), featuring a depressing, soulless simulacrum of the Angelo's "wow factor" item, the Big Slice (also pictured).

Credit: The Flickr of Johnny Dollar

Calls to the phone number (same as it ever was) on the sign went unanswered. We will of course judge no pizza (or slice) before its time, which is to say before we jam one in our pizza-hole, so Tasting and Judgment will determine our ultimate opinion on this development, and of course we'd certainly like to see the Pizza family in there slingin' pies, but it don't take a Magic 8-Ball to think "Outlook not so good," but the imminent opening of this ersatz Angelo’s, the prosaically named 36th Ave. Pizza, currently appears to be a cynical, opportunistic, and mediocre exercise in Pizza Plagiarism, not that we're saying Angelo's invented the concept of the world's largest slice, but jeez. However, if the pizza's good, we might be willing to forget the whole thing, but they've got a pretty big slice to fill. Still no answer at that number . . .

Credit: Johnny Dollar's Vault

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