A short list of substitutes Union Brewing and M&T Bank could use for 'joy nuggets'

M&T Bank thought it would be cool to make commercials highlighting local businesses, because community, and trained its cameras on Union Craft Brewing. Brewery founders Jon Zerivitz, Adam Benesch, and Kevin Blodger talked about, among other things, the beer cans people discard, which Zerivitz described as "joy nuggets." Days after it aired, the ad was pulled, according to the Baltimore Business Journal, because of an, um, alternate meaning for joy nuggets. The BBJ declined to divulge the slang definition of joy nuggets, but we'll save you the step of following the link if you don't already know: "A chuck [sic] of built up female secretion. The hooker was picking Joy Nuggets when I drove up."

Zerivitz told the BBJ that M&T is re-editing the commerical and omitting any mentions of secretion, intentional or otherwise (UPDATE: It's been posted here). In a post on its site, Union has pleaded with its fans to "not let #joynuggets die!" But if M&T is intent on removing the nuggets, we'd like to suggest some alternatives they can use that could maybe keep the spirit of the original segment:

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