Vigil for Timothy Caughman and Hate-Free Hampden in Photos

On Saturday evening in Hampden, the neighborhood where James Harris Jackson lived before taking a bus to New York to kill Timothy Caughman, several dozen gathered in front of St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church to hold "Black Lives Matter" and "Hate-Free Hampden" signs as The Avenue bustled.

During the event, a white man driving by the group in a black sedan, shouted that the protesters were idiots and they should "wake up!" George Soros’ name was also invoked. Demonstrators responded back with chants of "Black lives matter!" and "Hate is not welcome here!" A woman across the street subsequently started yelling, "All lives matter!" And activist Megan Kenny pointed out to some in the defensive group that it was important to acknowledge Hampden’s culpability in this rather than focusing on how “not all Hampdenites” reflect Jackson’s worldview.

Still, the vigil went mostly without incident. St. Luke's Vicar Jim Muratore started by welcoming the group and Pastor Bonnie McCubbin, of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, on 38th Street and Roland Avenue, offered an interdenominational prayer. Organizer Sarah Rice and City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, who represents the neighborhood, also spoke.

Tedd Henn
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