Through Dec. 25: Profess the Brilliance of Paul McCartney's 'Wonderful Christmastime'

We're simpLY/ HAVing/a WONDerful Christmastime! All I had to do was type that out and now you almost certainly have that big, dumb, goofy, joyous chorus stuck in your head. Sir Paul's simple, repetitive synth-laden ode to the holiday season has become loathed in recent years, perhaps because it is played over and over and over and over again once the holiday season arrives. But it's important to resist this urge to hate it, no matter how many times the song hits your ears this December. 'Wonderful Christmastime' is yet another example of Paul McCartney's reflexive ability to write an incredibly catchy tune, but the song also has this alien vibe to it with all the sci-fi ray gun-sounding synthesizers. Can you think of another popular Christmas song that sounds this strange? The most important thing is that the rise and fall of the song's melody seems to capture the mood "that only comes/ this time of year," when people try to put their best foot forward. If, in the light of family issues or personal problems, that sounds like bullshit, just watch the video with Paul and his late wife, Linda, (plus, members of Wings) as they have the most fun time singing this silly little song. Now go forth and correct people's perceptions. Anytime you hear someone boxing their ears as 'Wonderful Christmastime' plays, wherever it happens, (Brandon Weigel)

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