The Year in Photos

There is no other way to say it: 2015 was one of Baltimore’s worst years in recent memory. Though Baltimore marched with the nation against police brutality, most residents were unprepared for what came after the death of Gilmor Homes resident Freddie Gray in April. After Gray died in police custody, thousands of citizens took to the streets. Out of this Baltimore Uprising a new civil rights movement was born—and it came with its own photographer to cover it, Devin Allen. Allen’s camera captured protests for publications ranging from Time Magazine to the New York Times.

The city had barely healed from the sometimes violent but mostly peaceful events following the death of Gray when the dual murder of 7-year-old Kester Browne and his mother, Jennifer Jeffrey-Browne, 31, shocked their west-side neighbors—and the city at large. Since the Brownes’ deaths, the city’s homicides have continued to barrel toward a record-breaking murder-a-day rate.

Somehow, still, in the midst of all this, there were incredibly moving moments as people—diverse in race, age, and class—joined together to make Baltimore better.

And there was plenty to celebrate in our city, like the nightlife scene where our photographers snapped performers such as Wildhoney and Tate Kobang.

While we hope that in 2016 the only thing on fire will be the passion of peaceful activists, we’re already keeping out eyes on the city’s heroin problem and homeless issues as we stagger, exhausted, into the new year.

- J.M. Giordano, City Paper Photo Editor