“The Thing”

Nov. 2

Rob Bottin was just 22 when John Carpenter hired him to oversee the onslaught of practical effects in his 1982 horror “The Thing,” and by the end of the project, Bottin spent weeks in the hospital for exhaustion. No surprise there; the prosthetics, makeup, and puppeteering that went into making this Arctic nightmare are unprecedented. A shapeshifting alien that hides within its prey's bodies lends itself to monster design and body horror of the most extreme kind—the stomach-churning detail in that glorious defibrillator scene alone is worth seeing blown up on the big screen. By the way, “The Thing” is the best movie to include zero female characters—or, really, the only acceptable one. 9:30 p.m., The Senator Theatre, 5904 York Road, (410) 323-4424, thesenatortheatre.com, $10. (Maura Callahan)

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