“The Complete Deaths of William Shakespeare: The Remount”

Oct. 28-31

Bear with me, but Shakespeare has been dead for hundreds of years, and his plays have been interpreted by, I dunno, thousands of theater companies and high school drama clubs and whatever else—so how do you do anything new with that, you know? This play by Cohesion Theatre and the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory (also mounted last year) collects every single death scene the Bard wrote—the tragic, funny, incidental, pivotal, and mixtures of those—and stages them in all their dark glory. A couple hours of death scenes and little else seems like an absurd, potent reminder that life is short and weird and awful and beautiful often at the same time—and maybe that’s what Shakespeare was ultimately trying to get at in all those tragedies and comedies. The Great Hall Theater at St. Mary's Community Center, 3900 Roland Ave., cohesiontheatre.org, $15-$20. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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