The 2017 Sex Issue

That a Sex Issue is automatically controversial or at least subversive says more about American attitudes toward sex and sexuality than it does an alt-weekly's “edginess” or whatever; but OK, well, here we are with our annual Sex Issue while Donald Trump occupies the Oval Office (he has, among other things, asked that female staffers “dress like women”) and right behind him is VP Mike Pence, who thinks you can electroshock the gay out of people. So City Paper has decided to put together a Sex Issue that comes out and celebrates a few variances in sex and sexuality, with a focus on the visual, and just lets these things speak for themselves, because visibility is crucial when freedoms are under threat and judgment is the pervading attitude at the top.

In this issue we've got poet and photographer Tommy Bruce's Furry portraits; a sexy coloring and activity book from Charlie Herrick with some informative text from CP contributing writer and sex educator at Sugar, Karen Peltier; Maura Callahan’s review of Iron Crow Theatre’s “Fucking A,” a dystopian play about an abortionist living in a world not unlike our own, plagued by shame; and a look at the Baltimore Eagle both past—via photos by Jamie Onderdonk—and present by way of CP columnist and Lecturer of Gender and Women's Studies at UMBC Kate Drabinski's tour of the newly opened Baltimore Eagle. (Brandon Soderberg)

  • Furry Portraits

    Furry Portraits

    For those unfamiliar, Furries are an internet born subculture united by a fascination with anthropomorphic animal characters. Participants in the community create an alternate identity based on an animal character of their own design, and interact over forums and social media and at conventions...

  • Sex Issue Coloring Book

    Sex Issue Coloring Book

  • The Old Baltimore Eagle in Photos

    The Old Baltimore Eagle in Photos

    Back in 2008, Gutter Magazine ran a series of photos of the Baltimore Eagle shot by photographer Jamie Onderdonk. With the new Eagle finally up and running, City Paper photo editor and former Gutter editor-in-chief J.M. Giordano and Onderdonk offered up these photos from the old Eagle. Read about...

  • Iconic Baltimore gay bar The Eagle is finally back—and revamped

    Iconic Baltimore gay bar The Eagle is finally back—and revamped

    The Baltimore Eagle has finally landed in Station North. The waiting has been palpable, at least for the queer folks who have watched their bars and clubs close one by one as assimilation and capitalism do their ugly work. When construction delays and a shake up on the liquor board put the Eagle's...

  • Iron Crow Theatre's 'Fucking A' is fucking sad

    Iron Crow Theatre's "Fucking A" is fucking sad

    As the title would suggest, there is no subtlety in Suzan-Lori Parks' "Fucking A." In the dystopian future world crafted by Parks back in 2000, everything seems to exist in the extreme—the subjugation and exploitation of women, the political reach of the aristocracy, the wealth gap, the bloodthirst...

  • Field Tripping: Boner Killing

    Field Tripping: Boner Killing

    It’s the sex issue, and I want to write a column to stay on theme and everything, but I have to say, the Trump administration is a serious boner killer. Nothing kills the mood—for me, anyway—like a guy with absolutely no experience getting an easy nod for HUD Secretary or a plagiarizer who had...