Stockpile Eggnog

Once you get past its vaguely gross-sounding name, eggnog is really one of the best parts of the holidays. What you’re basically drinking is melted ice cream in a glass, and you can spice it up with a splash of rum or brandy. This year, cartons of the stuff started popping up in grocery stores around the city the week of Halloween. Don’t let them use this early start as excuse to get stingy about the stuff as we move into the most intense part of the season. Fill your shopping carts with eggnog. Buy enough to fill your freezer (Does eggnog freeze well? You’ll figure that out later). If a grocery store employee looks at you strangely, glare back and snarl a little. That’ll get them on the phone with Big Egg Nog, making another order, right quick. (Lisa Snowden-McCray)

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